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a rant about the women against feminism hashtag

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In order to become the supreme adult, you must perform the seven wonders:

  • Public speaking
  • Not being afraid of teenagers
  • Calling the doctor yourself
  • Taxes
  • Arguing without crying
  • Having a normal sleep pattern
  • Having an answer to the question ‘what do you want to do with your life?’
  • Public speaking (I’ll never be able to do this.)
  • Not being afraid of teenagers  (I was a dickhead teenager once too. They’ll learn one day.)
  • Calling the doctor yourself  (I can’t understand what is so difficult about this. Phonecalls take getting used to but seriously.)
  • Taxes (I don’t have a proper job and I’m not a homeowner yet.)
  • Arguing without crying  (Most of the time… Cry occasionally, but only when I’m drunk.)
  • Having a normal sleep pattern ✓ (My internship is 9-5 Mon- Fri. Have to sleep normal hours or die.)
  • Having an answer to the question ‘what do you want to do with your life?’  (Be financially secure, happy and stress free. Spend as much time with my love as possible.)

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A default ring tone is heard. 100 moms look at their purses.

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Twin Cats Always Mirror Each Other in Sleep

Scientists are baffled by twin cats, Merry and Pippin, who reportedly always sleep in an exact mirror image of one another.  

“Even if we place them in disparate starting positions or in separate rooms, they somehow always wind up sleeping exactly like the other,” said leading cat biologist and feline sleep expert Dr. Tobias Winslow.  ”I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A polysomnogram revealed nothing out of the ordinary about the cats’ brain functions, eye movements, muscle activity, breathing or heart rhythms.  ”We had expected to find that Merry and Pip were synched up on an internal level,” explained Winslow, “but it is literally just in the way they position their bodies for slumber.”

More tests will be done later this month during a scheduled comprehensive sleep study.

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the catholic church gives wine to 7 year olds but gay marriage is wrong

I mean this is totally out of context but is technically true. It is believed to be the blood of god and they are only given 1 tiny sip once a week but otherwise this is totally correct.

the catholic church encourages 7 year olds to drink blood every week but gay marriage is wrong

Gonna throw it out there: wine given in churches is non-alcoholic.

Also, it’s the blood of Christ, not God. It’s a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice to humanity; in that he would be willing to share every part of himself with them.

I understand the frustration that religious organisations have an opinion about marriage that actually conflicts and influences the law. I live in Ireland, where what the church says is 9/10 of the law.

But at least try to get your facts straight about the religion you’re bitching out.

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”’I’m really not a cat person”’

but their feeT LOOK LIKE BEANS


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When people say they don’t want their kids ‘influenced’ by seeing homosexuality portrayed on tv, in books, in public, etc, what they’re really saying is ‘if my kid isn’t straight, I want them to be too uneducated to understand so they’ll be forced to stay in the closet and it doesn’t become my responsibility to face things that make me uncomfortable’

Truth bomb.

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I need to stop drinking during the week. Trying to work at 9am across the city the next morning is hell, especially when I’m pretty certain I’m still drunk and the weather is so humid. 


"Life goals:
1. Lose all toes
2. Become a cyborg
3. Become a cyborg DJ
4. ?????
5. PROFIT!!!"

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  • boys: if ur slutty enough to send a nude pic then u deserve to have it shared everywhere lmao
  • boys: please send me nudes baby you're so beautiful i just wanna see more of you please baby i thought you loved me
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10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

reblog this post to honor Enoby’s brave sacrifice, ignore if you’re a prep or a poser

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the 7th harry potter book was released july 21st 2007 that is exactly 7 years ago today

today’s the day to make a horcrux y’all

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